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Tackling the Energy Challenge Together Toolkit A toolkit for communities, local authorities, and schools on how to raise awareness or build capacity on sustainable energy issues.

Spaces For Work “Office Blueprint” – Dorset County Council


This is a set of guidelines to improve the way local authorities use office space.

Further description

These are guidelines for making more efficient and more sustainable use of office space and includes recommendations for improvements to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions. It covers:

  • Work style
  • Flexible working
  • Technology to support us
  • Document storage
  • Workspace fundamentals
  • Sustainability

Where can it be found

Click here to download


Dorset County Council

How it has been used to date

It is currently being used to guide the changes that are being introduced in office working at County Hall in Dorchester.

User Experience

Can be used as a ‘starting point’ for an organisation planning to make changes to its office accommodation.

Covers a range of things to consider including a section on sustainability that attempts to capture the key issues such as minimising energy consumption.

The tool does not have an agreed support and update mechanism associated with it so, at the moment, it is a one-off guidance document.

It has been written for use by Dorset County Council so may prove to be less applicable to other local authorities and other types of organisations.

Target audience

All business premises strategy officers in local authorities.