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Tackling the Energy Challenge Together Toolkit A toolkit for communities, local authorities, and schools on how to raise awareness or build capacity on sustainable energy issues.

Community energy partnership working

Community energy partnership workingWorking in partnership can add significant value to projects as it can help increase resource capacity, improve communication and co-ordination of activities, enable working at a more strategic level, and provide fresh and additional ideas or inspiration to others. This section draws on case studies of projects that specifically attempted to develop community energy partnership working between, local authorities or other organisations.


Case Studies

Sustainable Energy Partnerships in Devon
Devon County Council provided direct SEACS funding to develop community energy partnership working in South West Devon (South West Devon Community Energy Partnership) and North Devon Biosphere (North Devon Biosphere Sustainable Energy Partnership).

Supporting Social Housing Tenants in Low Energy Buildings
Since 2008, the Conseil Général des Côtes d’Armor has constructed energy efficient buildings that meet the requirements of the Effinergie label. In this context, nine social housing schemes have been financed. However, these buildings are less efficient than planned. The authority decided to work with the tenants to improve how the buildings are used and ensure that the expected energy efficiency levels are achieved.

Cities Living Sustainably in Dorset –Action Plan for Bridport and Dorchester
The Communities Living Sustainably partnership is led by Dorset Community Action, and includes Bridport Energy Services Ltd, Dorset Agenda 21, Dorset County Council, Dorset Coast Forum, Dorset Public Health, Transition Town Bridport, Transition Town Dorchester, Wessex Community Assets, West Dorset Partnership, and WSX Enterprise Ltd.



Retrofitting Community Buildings
Links to resources to support energy audits and their implementation in community buildings.

Guide – Factors Influencing Roof Selection for Solar PV Installation
Although solar PV power systems are increasingly widespread and relatively affordable, this does not mean that every roof surface in a community is suitable for installation. This guide helps you think about roof suitability in your community.

Estimating the Potential Deployment, Costs and Income for a Community-wide Solar PV Scheme
In this exercise, produced by the Centre for Sustainable Energy, attendees will examine large-scale satellite photos of your neighbourhood. They will be assessing what the total solar resource might be if all the suitable roof space could be used.


Useful Documents

South West Devon Community Energy Partnership Agreement
Provided for your reference is a partnership agreement that you can copy to help you prepare an agreement for your own partnership. An MS Word Version is also available.

South West Devon Community Energy Partnership Launch Summit Report
To mark the arrival of the Partnership, a launch summit was organised.  Delegates from across the county gathered to hear inspirational presentations from the leading lights on energy issues in the South West, and discuss how to localise energy for economic benefit. This report will give you ideas for your own launch summit.

South West Devon Community Energy Partnership Strategic Energy Study
This report comprises an evidence base study, which forms the first stage of a Community Energy Plan for the South West Devon area. This evidence base has shown that there is plenty of potential to both reduce energy demand, and to generate more sustainable supplies of energy within the area. The Partnership used this document to identify its work priorities.

North Devon Biosphere Reserve and Torridge District Energy Plan
A sustainable energy action plan was produced by the Northern Devon Sustainable Energy Partnership following a meeting of over 40 stakeholders.

Fuel From Hedges in Brittany
An example of a management plan for fuel from hedgerows in Brittany in which the local municipality works in partnership with land owners to harvest fuel.