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Tackling the Energy Challenge Together Toolkit A toolkit for communities, local authorities, and schools on how to raise awareness or build capacity on sustainable energy issues.

iMeasure – Environmental Change Institute, Oxford University


To allow staff to analyse their home space heating energy use against weather data.

Further Description

This tool has been developed to help households analyse the energy data they collect, and correct it for the effect of the weather. All of the energy data collected contributes to building research being done by the Lower Carbon Futures Group in the Environmental Change Institute at the University of Oxford.

Where can it be found



Wiltshire Council, Green Economy Team

How it has been used to date

A group of staff at Wiltshire Council has used iMeasure to manage their energy consumption while working from home.

User experience

Offers good visualisation of electricity and heating degree days. Users can upload data collected manually or spreadsheets of more detailed data. Community groups can “club together” to share goals and experiences and there’s a paid function which allows a group manager to view all individuals data in the group (with consent).

Staff members introduced to the concept of degree day data so far have found it a challenging concept to grasp.

If entering manual readings, degree day analysis requires regular, consistent readings. The site contains an algorithm that acts to correct irregular readings, but the graphs aren’t truly representative unless meters are read weekly.

Target audience

Staff who regularly work from home.


None at the household level. Paid services are available for group managers. Contact iMeasure for up to date prices.

Case Study Link

Wiltshire Council Staff Campaign Case Study