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Tackling the Energy Challenge Together Toolkit A toolkit for communities, local authorities, and schools on how to raise awareness or build capacity on sustainable energy issues.

Guide to Procurement and Operation of Biomass Heating Systems for County Council Buildings


To facilitate the uptake of biomass heating installations in non-domestic buildings by raising awareness of the pitfalls experienced from real installations in local authority buildings.

Further description

The guide identifies nine recommendations for the successful design and operation of biomass boilers in public buildings.

Where can it be found?

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Dorset County Council

How it has been used to date

Future biomass boiler projects will use the recommendations to ensure effective outcomes.

User experience

The recommendations have been drawn up from operational experience with the existing biomass boilers in Dorset County Council properties to ensure that lessons learnt are incorporated into future biomass heating projects.

Target audience

Building Services Engineers, Facilites Managers and Asset Managers