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Tackling the Energy Challenge Together Toolkit A toolkit for communities, local authorities, and schools on how to raise awareness or build capacity on sustainable energy issues.

Community Energy Group Legal Entity

SBSA community energy group legal entity is important for applying for funding or taking forward a community share offer. This section of the toolkit, produced by the South West Devon Community Energy Partnership using SEACS funding, provides guidance on choosing the right status, and case studies of the choices made by three local groups.


Case Studies

Plymouth Energy Community
Plymouth Energy Community is a members’ co-operative which was established in June 2013 with financial support from Plymouth City Council. It aims to transform all things energy-related for the benefit of the local community.

South Brent Community Energy Society
South Brent Community Energy Society is a registered Industrial and Provident Society for the benefit of the community and was set up by members of the parent community organisation, Sustainable South Brent in late 2011 to take forward a community wind turbine project which had first been investigated in 2006.

Transition Town Totnes
Transition Town Totnes was formed in September 2006 as a company limited by guarantee and became a registered charity in 2010.


Guide to Establishing a Community Group as a Legal Entity
This guide introduces the topic of community energy group legal entity and provides links to more detailed information.